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With our exclusive connections within the industry, we are able to acquire links from some of the highest-ranking websites on the internet. The content will be written by an editor of the media site, these are some of the best editors in the world so you do not need to worry. The editor will be in complete control over this and they will consider previous content that has been written on the media site. Your link and mention will be placed within the natural flow of the content they write.

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How Media Placement works

Choose Media Site

Choose from our drop-down list of media placements, it’s best to choose a website that is relevant to your niche

Anchor Text / URL

Provide the anchor text and url you would like to link to, editors will use this in the natural flow of the atricle they post


Content is written by the editor of the media site, you will have no control over this but rest assured these are some of the best ediors in the world so you will be in good hands

On average placements will take around 6 weeks, the delivery time will depend on the publications pipeline. We will only refund if we are unable to secure your placement

We can land links that your competitors would only dream of

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