The Goal of Link Building & Outreach

The ultimate goal of link building and outreach is to have your sites ranked as an authority by the search engines, mainly by the most popular search engine: Google. With proper link building and outreach techniques, you will achieve a higher rank for your website and therefore increase your visibility. People using the search engines very rarely continue looking past the first page of the search engine results to find what they are looking for, so it’s essential you’re up top for those relevant keywords and phrases where they can see you right away.

Your page will be ranked higher in the results pages and your internet marketing strategy will improve as a whole with the right link building and outreach plan being put into practice for you.

Some of the most important steps of link building and outreach plans are outlined below.

Boost your Pages to Rank Higher in Google’s Search Results

Link Building & Outreach Steps Explained


One of the first steps of any link building and outreach plan is to carry out thorough research and find websites that are relevant to your link building purposes. Our team will work to find the highest ranking sites and keywords for your budget and niche to get the best results possible from our link building efforts.


Outreach entails crafting a personalised email or message to the owners of the sites and enquiring about a partnership with them that has value to both them and your link building strategy. By building strong relationships with many site owners we are able to build great links and get incredible results.

Check Metrics

The metrics of the sites contacted will be checked to ensure that the appropriate results are to be gleaned from our efforts. Things like Domain Authority and unique monthly visitors can all play a part in the success of your campaign. We don’t work with any old site! 


We provide high quality content that is of value both to your link building strategy and to the website we have partnered with. The content must be carefully crafted to ensure it is high quality, relevant, formatted correctly and of the proper length to get results.


Placement is important because it may be the case that the search engines attribute more weight to certain types of links. For example, a text link from within content may pass more authority than a link from a sidebar or footer. We ensure link placement is always carefully considered and only accept placements that get results for our clients.


Measuring the results of what has been done so far is essential so that the strategy can improve as a whole. Things like Organic search traffic, Referral traffic, Traffic to target pages, and Relevance are all recorded and measured. Tracking these key performance indicators (KPIs) for link building is an essential step that enables us to improve each aspect of your link building efforts. Once this is complete we are then able to make basic forecasts and build realistic plans.

We make sure our minimum metric standards are met before placement

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