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Search Engine Optimisation is what gets you noticed by your target audience and positions you as the solution to their problems. But as many business owners know, SEO is a tricky beast with many faces. And conquering this multifaceted discipline requires a firm understanding of which market your trying to conquer. Local, national and international markets all require subtly different SEO practices. If you’re trying to gain mastery of your local market, you know that building local listings and citations is the key to boosting your local search engine rankings and out-performing your competitors on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Are you ready to take your place as a driving force in your local market? Are you ready to gain the inside track and leave your competitors in the dust?

goldhook. can get you where you need to be. We’ve already achieved great success with some of the most trusted brands on the UK high street and we can bring the same level of expertise, knowledge and professionalism to bear on your business.

Local relevance is the key

Our service covers the following

Rank on Google

Google is the world’s most widely used and trusted search engine. And leveraging it effectively help you to be as visible as possible to prospective customers. We can help you to position yourself ahead of the crowd using the world’s favourite search engine so that local consumers see your business first.


Conquering the local market is all about positioning your brand in the right place at the right time. We know how to ensure that your prospective customers see you at the intent rich “micro moments” when they instinctively reach for their mobile devices to find a local business like yours.

Your Listing

When it comes to conquering the local market through local listings and citations, the key to ensure that your data is listed in all the right places while keeping your information accurate. Unfortunately, not all agencies can do both. We have an extensive database of hundreds of listing and citation sources and only ever input our data manually. So you get the quality and accuracy that brings you peace of mind, as well as tangible results.

Fix Existing Listings

Your business has a presence on a wide range of local business listings. This is the key to local SEO, but keeping up with all of these listings can be hard work. And if there are any inconsistencies with your NAP (Name Address and Phone number) data between listings, not only will you be harder for consumers to find, search engines may penalise you. We take the legwork out of fixing inaccurate or out of date business listings and keeping your business easy to find.

Data Aggregators

By leveraging state of the art data aggregators we can spread the word about your business far and wide, ensuring that it gets to the sources that mean the most to your business and your local market.

Detailed Report

We don’t believe in keeping our clients in the dark. And we know you don’t want to fly blind! That’s why we offer detailed reporting so that clients can not only see the results gleaned from our efforts, but make strategic changes to maintain an agile approach to conquering your local market.

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