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Students currently enrolled in any creative course (like photography, art, design, fashion, architecture) in a recognised school/college/university are eligible for the 50% discount.

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Student Portfolio Websites

Are you a photography, design, or creative arts student? Student portfolio websites helps you to create a portfolio though which you can start showcasing your work. Whether you are applying for internships, scholarships or looking for a job or focused on building your own creative business – a professional portfolio website is going to be the driver behind all your efforts from here on. A platform like goldhook. helps to make a digital portfolio website for students which can show your value your viewers, whoever it may be.

To empower students and educators to express themselves and share their work and accomplishments with the world, goldhook. offers a 50% discount on all subscription plans for students and teachers. Now, you have a good reason to create beautiful student portfolio websites.

You can be someone in college studying photography, fashion, graphic design, filmmaking, music, or painting; through an online portfolio for students.

How important is a portfolio website for students?

Opportunities abound on the internet. As a student, you need to start early with building your online presence and leveraging the internet to create your network, make contacts, and be discovered by potential mentors, clients, or employers.

Your online portfolio website would be an interactive visual resume that highlights your skills and achievements. A print portfolio may be mandatory in many places, but an online portfolio is something which is preferred by many as it is easy and convenient to use.

Digital portfolio for students gives the freedom to share their work, take feedback, and collaborate with anyone around the world. If you are planning on doing freelance work, then investing in building a great portfolio website along with social media can start to bring you a steady stream of work.

A portfolio is made mainly to show the skills you have acquired and the work you have done with that skill. The portfolio also shows the potential you have to transform an idea into the desired result. Your potential clients will not just be able to find you and evaluate your work; they would also trust you with their projects. Integrating workflows like client albums and an online store on your website can further help you in growing your business and gaining new clients. Pixpa offers these services which many of the free website builder for students don’t provide.

As a student, you need to:

  • Collate and curate all of your work and put it out there for the world to see.
  • Have a ready repository of your work, whether you are applying for a job, an internship, or a scholarship for further studies.
  • Build your brand and create your network.
  • Take feedback from mentors and creative communities.
  • Win clients and grow your business.
  • Start selling online and growing your business.
  • Display your work in a way that is appealing as well as visible. For that, you need to select a good student portfolio template. Select the one that matches your vision.
  • Focus on the best from your work and make a separate section on your website to share the same.

If you are using a dedicated website for your portfolio, then, you get additional benefits like less or no distractions from ads, faster loading, different themes, etc. Imagine sending your college portfolio websites to your prospective colleges or employers, and they see some irrelevant advertisements in the middle of your portfolio. This crisis can happen if you are using free online portfolio sites for students. It can be very frustrating, and you might end up not getting the admission or job. Instead, digital portfolio websites for students can show your work in a clean and distraction-free way.

What should your online portfolio have?

There are a few basic things a portfolio website should have. As the viewers who generally visit your site have certain expectations, you need to fulfill them by adding the following items:

  1. About Page: Your about page should contain what are you passionate about, your reasons or philosophy behind what your website is about, what do you intend to achieve from it, etc. Remember to write engagingly as the reader may find you interesting to connect with you.
  2. CV: CV should contain the places you have worked in the field your website is about. It should include the name of projects and when it is done. Also, the awards and exhibition details can also come in this section.
  3. Portfolio: A portfolio section showing your best work is an essential part of student portfolio websites. It can be divided into subcategories showcases the different projects you have done.
  4. Blog: A blog can contain your experiences on the different projects you have done, or the opinions you have on specific topics related to your website. This process of continuous interaction helps a viewer to have a deeper connection with you.
  5. Contact Page: Your contact details like your address, phone number, email id should come in this page. You can further add a map location to make it convenient for users to find you.